PWND: Joey & Meghan’s Plants vs. Zombies Showdown!

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Are you ready for the latest episode of PWND?! For this week’s game, Joey and Meghan are playing a Plants vs. Zombies duel, and they don’t waste any time getting right into the game. Joey takes the plants side, while Meghan is channeling her inner zombie.

When they start playing, Meghan admits she doesn’t play often and only got a quick demo. Will that hurt her chances of winning? And more importantly, does that mean she’ll have to *gulp* choose from the Jar of Consequences?!

Well, Joey does admit that being the zombies is much easier, so maybe Meghan stands a chance after all! You’ll have to watch to find out the winner and the loser! Just a hint, the loser has to kiss one of their car tires!

Watch the whole episode above, and tune in next Friday for a brand new episode of PWND next Friday at 4 PM ET!

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