PWND: Fruit Ninja With JennXPenn & SmoshGames!

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So far on PWND, we’ve seen Joey and Meghan play plenty of video games against each other, but they’re switching things up a bit for this week’s episode! Joined by The Jovenshire and Sohinki from SmoshGames, as well as Stranger Danger’s JennXPenn, this rag tag group gets together to play a pretty intense round of Fruit Ninja!

First up is Meghan, and since she’s also known as Strawburry17, she thinks she’s got this one in the bag. She ends up with a score of 231, not too shabby, right? Next up is Sohinki, who earns a score of 344. After that is Joey, then JennXPenn, and last but not least, The Jovenshire.

We don’t want to give too much away, so you’ll have to watch the rest of the video to see who scores what, and who ends up having to pick from the Jar of Consequences! Hint, this week’s loser has to smell the feet of all the other players!