Proof the Spotlight Hasn’t Changed Jennifer Lawrence

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OK, we know how much we have talked about how much we love Jennifer Lawrence, but this recent interview with her parents was too cute not to share. A local news station from Louisville, Kentucky (where Jen is from) recently sat down with the Oscar winners parents, and chatted about how life has changed for them since Jen has been thrust into the spotlight.

While there are some nice changes that come along with fame, such as “trips to beach” and great food” as her brother Blaine mentioned, there are also some not-so-nice-changes, such as being hounded by the paparazzi, which her dad speaks of. However, there is one thing her aunt recalled that helped her realize that Jen is just Jen.

What was that, you ask? Her aunt Cindy said, “The last time she came home, I’ll never forget, Miller said. “Jennifer called Karen from the airport and said, ‘hi mom! All I want are Ramen noodles and sugar pops, or some sugary cereal — Cap ‘N Crunch!’ — that’s what she wanted.”

Like we could love her any more. Watch the rest of the video to see the adorable sit down with Jen’s fam!

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