The Project Almanac Cast Reveals Dating Horror Stories That’ll Make You Cringe Eternally

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What defines a true best friend? Which band would you choose to join on stage? Describe the worst date you ever had. Those are the questions we just had to ask when we chatted with the cast of Paramount’s latest sci-fi thriller, Project Almanac.

In the film, a group of five teens discover secret plans of a time machine — and then construct one! However, as you may guess, things start to get out of control. (We told you movies make time travel seem awful!)

Before you see the flick, wait ’til you find out what the stars, Jonny Weston (Insurgent), Sofia Black-D’Elia (Gossip Girl), Sam Lerner (Suburgatory), Allen Evangelista (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Ginny Gardner (The Goldbergs), revealed to us in our exclusive interview. (Their dating stories are sure to make you cringe!)

Project Almanac is in theaters now. See the gallery below for all the latest stills: