Your First Look at the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spin-Off, ‘Ravenswood’ (TRAILER)

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'The darkness comes to life' this fall. While Pretty Little Liars has been tugging at our heartstrings all summer long, it will soon go on hiatus until 2014 (apart from the Halloween special), leaving us bereft and longing for more. Fortunately, its spin-off, Ravenswood, is tapped for premiere right after said Halloween special, and the first-look footage has just arrived.

In the first-ever teaser trailer for the upcoming ABC Family series, which is just 16 seconds of pure creepiness, we see flashes of the town Spencer and Toby introduced us to a few weeks back, complete with a cemetery and a dead raven. Awesome.

As far as we know, Spoby's not tapped to make another appearance in Ravenswood — but Caleb is! According to E! Online, Tyler Blackburn's both excited and sad about his latest adventure: "It's a little bit bittersweet obviously because I have so much affinity for the [PLL] cast and crew. But it's part of a franchise, so it still feels like part of the family in a way. I've sort of gotten over the bitter aspect, and I'm like, 'Sweet!'"

Watch the video for Ravenswood above, then tell us what you think of the show so far in the comments below, or on our Pretty Little Liars message board!

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