‘Pretty Little Liars’, Season 4: “Face Time” Clips

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Now that we know Melissa visited the same mask maker as Alison, Spencer's older sister is high up on Hanna's list of possible 'A' members on Pretty Little Liars. But Spencer's not buying it just yet. Meanwhile, the (hot!) new cop in town has his eyes on the four girls, along with a female law enforcement official who Caleb tries to warn Hanna about. ("You're used to dealing with Rosewood's finest. They can't find their nightsticks with both hands. She and that other detective are the real deal.") Then there's Aria and martial arts instructor Jake. It sounds to us like she may be coming clean about her relationship with Ezra. Wha-?

Watch all of the above go down — and more — from the "Face Time" episode via the clips below! Do you think Melissa's got something devious to hide? What do you think of the new police? And do you believe Aria confesses everything about Ezra? Spill, PLL fans!

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