Prank Off: Scaring the Crap Out of Meghan’s Brother!

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Hey Burries! Time for more Prank Off! Last week, Joey pulled off a pretty sneaky prank, and this week I’m doing the same by scaring the crap out of my brother David! You might have seen David pulling some of his own pranks on Stranger Danger with JennXPenn, but this time he’s the victim!

So, while my brother was sleeping, I decided to scare him by sneaking into his room while wearing a CREEPY bunny mask and yelling at him to wake up. I must admit — mission accomplished! He was super freaked out!

Watch the video above to see the whole thing go down, and stay tuned for another episode of Prank Off every Monday at 4 PM ET! Byeeeeee!

WATCH: Joey’s Sneaky Prank Off