Prank Off: Salting Ricky Dillon’s Water!

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Hey Burries! We’re back with yet another episode of Prank Off, and this might be the funniest one yet! I was shooting with Ricky Dillon and Connor Franta — from Our2ndLife — when Ricky stepped away to use the bathroom.

Then, Connor came up with the evil (but brilliant!) idea to pour salt into Ricky’s water. So, I grabbed some salt and dumped a whole bunch of salt in there! When Ricky came back, we kept talking, and BAM! Ricky drank the salt water! It was probably like taking a huge gulp of ocean water! LOL! His reaction is seriously priceless!

It didn’t take him long to figure out what we did, but he was a good sport! Watch the video above to see the hilarious prank go down, and tell us who else we should prank in the comments section!