Prank Off: Meghan’s Accomplices Saran Wrap Joey’s Car!

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It’s payback time! If you’ll think back to the second episode of Prank Off, you’ll remember that Joey Graceffa left me at a restaurant and made me pay for BOTH of our meals. Umm, not okay. So now, all bets are off!

With the help of my lovely accomplices, David (my brother) and Princess (my assistant), we’re going to Saran wrap Joey’s car. Or, well, I go on a hike with Joey and Brittani Louise Taylor, while David and Princess do all the messy work. (P.S. It includes peanut butter under the door handle.) Teamwork, guys!

My fave moment: “The best part is no one’s helping me and I have to clean up the mess. Rude!” That’s what you get for messing with me, Joey! Watch the video above to see me enact my revenge, then tell us who YOU think we should prank next in the comments!