Prank Off: Joey Pranks His Roommate Kalel!

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No one is safe from getting pranked — not even my own roommate! For this week’s Prank Off, I decided to prank my roommate Kalel, and rigged our kitchen sink so it would spray all over her! I knew she was eating dinner, so when she was done she’d put the plate in the sink, then BAM! Pretty genius! LOL!

First, I sneaked up up the stairs with camera in tow, and then rigged the sink. Then I put my camera on the counter to capture all the action. After that, I just had to play the waiting game! I made some small talk and asked her about her dinner, then, she got up to put her plate away.

When she turned on the facet, she didn’t know what was hitting her — literally! How hilarious is the little noise she makes? EEP! LOL! Watch the video above to see the rest of the hilarity ensue, and tell us who YOU think we should prank next in the comments!