Prank Off: Meghan & Jimmy Prank Freddie W.!

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Hey Burries! It’s time for another episode of Prank Off! Last week, Joey got me pretty good when he made me think he ditched me at dinner, but this week my BF Jimmy Wong and I are pranking his brother Freddie W.!

So, the set up was pretty simple, we got Jimmy’s friend to text Freddie that he needed to stop by to pick something up, but he was able to get in another way. Then, when Freddie least expects it, Jimmy will pop out from behind the door!

We have to admit, even though the prank wasn’t too crazy, we really scared Freddie! He even gets all ninja on us! Haha, check out the video above to see the whole prank go down, and let me know who you think we should prank next in the comments!