Prank Off: Watch Meghan Get Anthony From Smosh!

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Hey Burries! You’ve been getting sneak peeks of my new Teen shows, but now the first episode is finally here! YAY! For the very first Prank Off prank, my victim is Anthony from Smosh. We were all playing video games, and I got the genius idea to sneak up on him with a vacuum!

I went down to my car to get the vacuum while everyone else was still playing video games, and then Kalel carried it up an entire flight of stairs without making any noise! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with myself that we pulled it off! It was so hard to stay quiet, I seriously thought I was going to get caught! Then, when he least expected it, I put the hose right up to his ear and turned the vacuum on!

To see Anthony’s HILARIOUS reaction, watch the video above, and make sure you subscribe to Teen so you don’t miss an episode of my pranking hijinks every Monday at 4 PM ET! Muahahaha! Byeeeeee!