Prom-Posal: Pokemon Edition! (VIDEO)

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Finally, a prom proposal worthy of Ash Ketchum. This past week, a high schooler named Terry (YouTube username ThePikaWu) walked down the steps of his school cafeteria with the Pokemon theme song blaring in the background. When he reached his target, Maxine, he recited a poem. It goes as follows:

Charmeleon is red,
Squirtle is blue.
Prom is coming soon,
so I choose you.

He then proceeded to present her with a Poke Ball with a note that read: “I choose you! Maxine, prom?” To see her response, as well as all of the amazingness, watch the video above. (We’ll have you know there was a victory lap involved.)

WDYT of Elaborate Prom-Posals?