‘Pitch Perfect’ “When I’m Gone” Anna Kendrick Cups Song to Hit the Radio

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It’s no secret that Pitch Perfect was one of our favorite movies of 2012 (slash of all time). You can thank Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson and co. for that. So when news of a sequel struck, we were over the moon! But until the day comes where we can see the funny girls back in action on the big screen, we’ve got some other pitch perfect buzz to brighten up your days.

It seems that the song Beca (played by Anna) sang at her audition for The Bellas, “When I’m Gone” — ya know, the one with the cup? — was remixed and is set to hit mainstream airwaves this month! Since the movie’s soundtrack is the first to sell half a million copies since The Twilight Saga — Breaking Dawn Part 1‘s, according to Billboard, this is the perfect opportunity to bank on its success. Listen to the updated version of “When I’m Gone” above, and keep an ear out for it on the radio starting March 26th!

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