‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’ Junket Interview (VIDEO)

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, the sequel to the 2010 hit, is well underway as we are now underneath the two-month benchmark until the film hits theaters. But before it comes to the big screen, watch as Logan Lerman dishes on where Percy’s at this time around.

He says, “Percy’s not the hero anymore at the beginning of this film. He’s been one-upped by Clarisse, who’s another half-blood at the camp. And he’s just accepting the average demi-god life. He thinks of himself as a one-hit wonder; he’s a little insecure. On top of that, he finds out he has a half-brother that he doesn’t really want to accept into his family… Then he’s thrust into this adventure find the Golden Fleece.”

For more of Logan’s interview, as well as what Leven Rambin and Brandon T. Jackson have to say about the film, watch the Clevver interview above! Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits theaters on August 7. Comment if you’re pumped!

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