Watch the Fist Clip from the Paper Towns Movie (VIDEO)

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Vandalizing a neighbor’s house with everyday items…sound like a familiar scene in a recent movie? Does the word ‘egging’ ring a bell? Still not on our page? No, we’re not talking about a Justin Bieber legal incident, we’re talking about the scene in The Fault in Our where Hazel, Gus and Isaac egg Monica’s car/house, of course! We loved that scene, and after seeing the just-released clip from the upcoming Paper Towns movie, we’re pleasantly being reminded of just how fab John Green really is — and how PT might ACTUALLY have some similarities to TFiOS!

In this new clip, you see Margo (Cara Delevingne) and Quentin (Nat Wolff) go to Chuck Parson’s house to get a little revenge. No, Q and Margo don’t necessarily destroy his property (unless you consider an eyebrow property), but the theme of wreaking havoc on someone who’s known for being less-than nice is still there and still awesome.

Check out the hilarious clip above and let the countdown to July 24 begin!

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