One Direction Performs “Live While We’re Young” and “Little Things” on ‘The X Factor (USA)” (VIDEOS)

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While One Direction assures that its five members are totally “normal guys” in the new Teen Vogue, there was nothing normal about the acclaim they received over their performances on last night’s episode of The X Factor (USA). Going back to their roots — since they’re originally from the U.K. edition of the show — the British-Irish boy band kicked off the live ep with the first single off Take Me Home, “Live While We’re Young.” It was followed up with a special, videoed-in message by missing sixth member QB Drew BreesWay to play up the sponsorship, Pepsi.

Then Mario Lopez announced that 1D would return midway through the show. Yeah, TXF totally gets us. So of course they crooned their latest single, “Little Things.” Watch both performances (above and below), then tell us which one you preferred in the comments or on our One Direction message board! (P.S. Did anyone else notice something missing? RIP Zayn Malik‘s ombre tips.)

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