One Direction Talk Getting Their Own Wax Figures

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One Direction sort of did the wax figure thing a few months ago when they faked out some fans by posing as them, but this time they’re getting the real deal! The British boy band are getting their own wax statues at the famed Madame Tussad’s in London, and sat down to talk a bit about their thoughts on such a huge accomplishment.

Zayn Malik called the honor “insane,” saying that all the biggest stars have their own wax works, and doesn’t understand why “normal lads” like him and the rest of the 1D guys are getting them. Too cute! The guys also talked about their favorite wax works, where Liam Payne admitted he liked The Terminator, Niall Horan loved Rihanna‘s, and Harry Styles was partial to Gandhi‘s statue.

They also talked about stars they think should get the wax treatment next. Niall said that British singer Adele needs her own, while Louis Tomlinson thinks their pal Ed Sheeran should get some wax works done! Watch the video above to see the rest of the adorable interview!

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