One Direction Performs “One Thing” and “Moments” on ‘The Today Show’ (VIDEOS)

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Technically, yesterday was Take Me Home Day. But The Today Show was mean and opted not to show viewers all of One Direction‘s performances during the November 13 episode. Instead, they held over “One Thing” and “Moments” an extra day, along with a backstage pass with the boys. In the interview, the band answers everything from What are your personal favorite songs on the new album? (“Last First Kiss” was a majority favorite.) and What kinds of shenanigans go on inside the tour bus? to musical influences and questions about their upcoming 3D movie(!).

In regards to the film, Harry Styles mentions, “We don’t want to do, like, another just typical concert movie. We really wanna do, like, a deep, behind-the-scenes. Warts and all… Without the warts.”

Watch the video above for your backstage pass, catch the unaired songs below, then make sure to tell us your favorite Take Me Home track (so far) in the comments or on our One Direction message board!

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