One Direction’s New “Steal My Girl” Music Video is The Biggest MindF*** You’ve Ever Seen

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One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” music video is finally here!! Happy Friday, y’all! And while we’re BEYOND excited that it’s finally here, we just have to say — WTF IS GOING ON?!

In the vid, the familiar face of Danny DeVito (who’s ‘directing’ it) decides to take 1D’s new project to the next level and tells them to destroy their inhibitions. Apparently in Mr. DeVito’s world, ‘destroying inhibitions’ means gathering up some pretty random props including sumo wrestlers, monkeys, sledgehammers, African tribal dancers and more! Yeah, you read that list right…

TBH, the only things  that really makes sense are the descriptive words Danny gives to the boy — Harry=love, Liam=power, Niall=light, Louis=danger and Zayn=mystery. Oh, and the part when everyone is soaking wet. ‘Cause you know that is totally, 100 percent sensible.

Anyway, you’re prob just gonna want to see this one for yourself! Check it out above!

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