Listen to One Direction’s New Song, “Steal My Girl!” (VIDEO)

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Mondays typically suck, but when you have a brand-new One Direction song to rock out to, they become the greatest day of the week! Although 1D’s new single “Steal My Girl” wasn’t supposed to be released until later today, the track found its way onto the Internet last night, much to Directioners’ approval.

And while fans aren’t 100 percent sure about how the song got leaked early, some began speculating that it was, in fact, an inside job. Liam Payne tweeted that he couldn’t sleep, which led people to respond asking him to leak the song. Not so coincidentally enough, “SMG” was out just a little while later and fans responded by trending the hashtag #LiamWeKnowItWasYou.

Whatever the case, the song is here and it’s EPIC! All those who are fans of classic rock will appreciate the probable tribute to Journey’s “Faithfully” within the first few bars of the song. And even if you aren’t into the classics, “SMG” is a definite anthem track that’ll have you singing along in no time.

Check out the full song (and lyrics!) above and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

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