Zayn Malik Cries During One Direction Hospital Visit in Ghana, Africa (VIDEO)

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While One Direction‘s “One Way or Another” charity single is nothing short of upbeat, this 1D video will leave emotions running high. For Red Nose Day 2013 (March 15), the British-Irish boy band visited a hospital in Africa in support of comic relief, where they encountered malnourished children and their impoverished families.

Before entering the hospital room, Zayn Malik admits, “I’m a little nervous and scared of what I might see, but we’ve come here today to have a look at what our money can do to help.” Soon after, the boys met with the starving African natives. Zayn breaks down and says, “It’s so hard. I’ve never seen anything, never experienced anything like this in my life.”

Catch all of the emotional moments above to find out what you can do to help this Red Nose Day.

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