One Direction’s “Perfect” Music Video Pretty Much Confirms That It’s About T.Swift

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Yesterday, Directioners’ hearts everywhere shattered when One Direction cancelled their Belfast concert minutes before they were prepped to hit the stage because Liam was sick, and like the fabulous four that we know and love, they couldn’t let their fans down for too long. It obvs seemed like just about the right time to drop the music video for “Perfect,” the group’s second music video off the highly anticipated Made in the A.M. fifth studio album. And, we have lost all chill because, two words: Taylor. Swift.

If you classify with the vast majority, you’ve already assumed the obvious: It was written with a certain tall, blonde, cat-loving, pop phenomena *Cough, Cough* Taylor Swift *Cough, Cough* in mind. If the lyrics screaming it in your face weren’t enough, the video for “Perfect” couldn’t make things any more obvious than if it was painted in red and splattered across a billboard for all to read.

In addition to the black and white masterpiece of a video featuring certain things we have come accustomed to seeing in a One Direction music video (i.e. the boys kickin’ it back and lookin’ effortlessly fine AF), it also showcases the guys wreaking havoc in a hotel — what we would give to join in — and there’s no denying that all roads lead to Harry.

Besides being the only lucky guy with a love interest, perhaps the most obvious point in the video is when Harry utters the famous lines, “If you’re looking for someone to write your breakup song about,” clouds appear, things get hazy and, hello Taylor Swift’s “Style” music video déjà vu.

Yup, that just happened.

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