All Directioners’ Dreams Have Officially Come True! (VIDEO)

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The moment every single Directioner on the face of the planet has been waiting for has finally come — One Direction’s “Night Changes” music video is here! And if you’ve been following the 1D boys’ teasers over the past week, you know that this is the epic vid in which fans can ACTUALLY experience what it’s like to go on a date with Niall, Louis, Liam, Harry and Zayn! *sobs forever*

Seeing as our hearts could barely handle the snippets that came out in the days leading up to today’s premiere, you can imagine just how freakin’ overwhelming the whole music video is. From Harry’s adorable smirk while ice skating and Louis’ angsty hand-holding to Niall’s cuddly sweater, Liam’s carnival escapade and Zayn’s romantic dinner, WE LITERALLY CANNOT EVEN HANDLE HOW AMAZING THIS VIDEO IS!!

Grab the biggest box of tissues you can find, cue all the tears in the world and prepare yourself for the most intense emotional roller coaster you’ve ever been on, all thanks to the lads of One Direction. *watches the video on repeat for the next 12 hours*

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