One Direction ‘This Is Us’ 3D Movie Trailer Sneak Peek Video

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We’re just a little over two months away from One Direction‘s 3D movie, This Is Us! So it’s about time that we start to see more of what the film’s about, don’tchya think? And that’s exactly what we have now with the boy band’s brand new trailer sneak peek (which is a bit of a redundant statement, but whatev).

In the latest footage, you get to delve a little bit into the lives of your faves. One particular scene shows Harry Styles visiting the bakery he used to work at. (Psst, someone actually pinches his bum!) So cute. Plus there’s a whole bunch of shirtless action, as per usual.

Zayn Malik notes in the teaser, “As a group, you’ve always got people to share the experience with.” Louis Tomlinson adds, “They’re not wrapped up in everything; just five normal lads having the time of their lives.”

This Is Us hits theaters August 30. But until that day comes, watch the trailer sneak peek above, then tell us who you’re most excited to see on the big screen in the comments below, or on our One Direction message board!

OMG, Zayn Eats Harry’s Candy Thong!