One Direction Infection Prank (VIDEO)

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Remember that guy who called an unsuspecting One Direction fan pretending to be Harry Styles? Yeah, well, he’s back again pulling even more 1D-related pranks. He and his buddies go around town, convincing passersby that they’re on the receiving end of… One Direction Infection. Shockingly, no one knows what they’re talking about! Instead, a majority of the rando people believe the boys are actually sick. Our favorite line: “For infection? You have to get a prescription, there’s no antibiotics or anything that you can buy over the counter.”

How do you find out if you have the infection? Watch the video above to learn the symptoms, then leave a note to tell us if you’ve got the fever in the comments or on our One Direction message board!

Wish Zayn Malik a Happy (Belated) Birthday!