One Direction Named Billboard’s 2012 Artist(s) of the Year (VIDEO)

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One Direction is raking in all of the 2012 awards, huh? After being dubbed MTV’s Artist(s) of the Year as well as one of the leaders on Barbara Walters’ ‘Most Fascinating’ list last week, the boy band just received top notoriety as Billboard‘s Top New Artist(s) of 2012.

In the Q&A with the music publication, each member of the British-Irish group got to voice his opinion on various topics, including its 2013 world tour, new music, Simon Cowell, endorsements and, of course, the upcoming 3D movieHarry Styles says of the flick, “We’re excited. I think we’ve had cameras on us for a long time, we’ve just been filming a lot of stuff. It’s just gonna be exciting to watch it back. Just to have the ability to be able to kind of look back at that while we’re older and to have your children see it will be amazing.”

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