New Footage From One Direction’s Trip to Africa

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Recently, One Direction revealed some details around their life-changing trip to Africa, but now we’re getting to see some footage of them doing their charity work. In an interview with the British TV show Daybreak, the guys not only showed off video of them interacting with young children, but they spoke about their experiences as well.

Harry Styles said, “We all kind of went out there not really knowing what to expect, and then we all came back looking at each other, just kind og going, ‘That was the best thing we’ve ever done.’ It was amazing.” Zayn Malik echoed that saying, “For me, [it put] everything into perspective. Just like, in everyday life you have little problems  that we think are so major. And then you go over there and see people who are actually dealing with real problems.” PS, are we the only ones who got super emotional seeing Louis Tomlinson wipe away a child’s tears?

They also revealed how they have no plans to move to L.A. (boo!), and how they recorded a cover of the band Blondie’s hit tune “One Way Or Another.” For more, watch the full interview above!

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