Nickelodeon’s One Crazy Cruise Just Got a Whole Lot Better Thanks to Cody Simpson

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What do you get when you combine the stars of The Thundermans, Instant Mom, Bella and the Belldogs and The Haunted Hathaways? One Crazy Cruise, that’s what! In Nickelodeon‘s upcoming original movie, some of Nick’s biggest stars get together — with a big-time guest. Wait for it… Cody Simpson!

The tale goes as follows, “The Jensen-Bauers are embarking on a cruise that the newly married parents hope will bring the whole family closer together. However, the stylish Jensen kids, Piper (Sydney Park) & Nate (Benjamin Flores), and the geeky Bauer kids, Ellie (Kira Kosarin) & Cameron (Rio Mangini), aren’t thrilled about the mandatory quality time.”

“On the first night of the cruise, the kids attend a magic show and are hypnotized into thinking they’re a crazy band of pirates. The next morning, they wake up to a cabin in shambles, with no recollection of what happened the night before.”

One Crazy Cruise premieres on June 19 at 8p ET. Until then, watch the exciting trailer above, plus get your exclusive first look at the “Flower” singer during his guest appearance in the film in the gallery below!