Olly-Mpics Exclusive Look at Episode 5: Olly Murs Three-Legged Race

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While everyone in the world has been following Olympics 2012 in London like a hawk, we, meanwhile, have been stalking the heck out of a different kind of Olympic Games — the Olly-mpics. As in the games that British pop star Olly Murs has been doing against members of his band and filming, just for fun. There’s no gymnastics or swimming or running involved, but there is a three-legged race going down, and it’s pretty much hilarious.

We’ve got the exclusive first look at episode 5 of #ollympics (where Olly does said three-legged race and…well, we won’t tell you if he wins or not), so watch it all unfold above! And be sure to check out episode 4 over at our BFF’s site, PopCrush!

Oh, and make sure to pick up Olly’s debut album, “In Case You Didn’t Know,” out September 25!

Exclusive Interview with Olly Murs!