Off the Charts: R5 Performs ‘Forget About You’

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It's time for another edition of ClevverTV's show Off the Charts! This week, they're joined by R5 for an acoustic rendition of their tune, "Forget About You," off their new album Louder.

In addition to performing the song, they also give some background on it, as Riker Lynch even claims it is his favorite song off the whole album. He says it's "lyrically" very cool.

Check out said lyrics below:

Oh no, here we go
Hear your voice on the radio
Like every single song is about you

Every sec that we spent
Lots of mess stuck up in my head
Gets me so distracted and confused

Baby, I think I've lost my mind
Feels like you crashed into my life
I keep on losin' track of time
I'm so messed up, yeah

I'm so messed up!

I can't remember what I did tonight
Or even yesterday
Like, dude, where's my car?
Excuse me, what's my name?

Someone gave me these clothes
I can't remember who
My mind's a total blank
But I just can't forget about you, forget about you

To see the acoustic performance of the song, watch the video above, then tell us what you think of it in the comments section!

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