Nolan Gould Thinks Sofia Vergara Could Win The Hunger Games!

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Modern Family’s Nolan Gould chatted with our host Meghan and let us in on which cast member would win The Hunger Games, his real-life partner in crime and how he hits on the ladies.

So, which Mod Fam star would win according to Nolan?

“I think Gloria (Sofia Vergara) on the show would be super like, running around killing us all, she’d go crazy,” said Nolan. “But hopefully my knowledge of The Hunger Games would somehow help me in the end.”

It definitely would — Nolan reportedly has a really high IQ of 150! But, does he use this to his advantage with the ladies?

“It’s not something teenage girls are interested in,” said Nolan. Aww! “Maybe my bass or banjo will help. I know girls like musicians!” (They definitely do, Nolan!)

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