Watch The Music Video For Nick Jonas’ New Single, “Chains” (VIDEO)

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If you thought Nick Jonas’ debut Island Records single, “Chains,” was intense, wait until you see the just-released music video for the song! Buh-bye, Jonas Brothers…Nick is alllll grown up!

Even though the song is called “Chains,” chains are not the main focus of the video. Instead you see Nick fighting through various elements to get to a girl. From water and a rabid dog to police officers with riot gear and a collapsing building, the 21-year-old singer goes full-fledged Terminator on us throughout!

And, let us just say, not even the entirely black-and-white video could prevent us from noticing Nick’s insane biceps — like, HELLO!

You get purchase “Chains” on iTunes rightthissecond and, in the meantime, check out the full video above! But let us warn you; it may get a liiiittle hot in your room while watching.

It’s The Nick Jonas Apocalypse of 2014!