Exclusive: My Day. My Life. – Karmin

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My Day. My Life. is back for a second season, kicking off with an all new episode from our current musical crush, Karmin! We caught up with them last week at a small recording studio on Santa Monica Blvd. in Los Angeles, California — the release of their debut EP, “Hello” (available now), was less than a week away, but Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan seemed anything but stressed. Nick messed around on the piano and Amy couldn’t wait to tell us that the studio we were in was actually where Adele had recorded ‘Someone Like You.’

Watch the episode to find out what a typical “down day” is like for Karmin. Between performances, photo shoots, interviews and red carpets, their lives are still pretty normal — they eat a hearty breakfast of Trader Joe’s hash browns, eggs and chicken and apple sausage, they run errands in Amy’s candy red Prius (Nick always pumps the gas, such a gentleman) and, just like us, they can’t get enough of Twitter.

Another thing we can’t get enough of? Amy and Nick’s too-cute relationship off the stage. The swag pop duo share their thoughts on when they might get married and whether or not fans will get to see the elusive Karmin-PDA!

Karmin released their video for ‘I Told You So’ this week. Watch it here and check out their album, “Hello”, on iTunes. Are you a Karminite? What was your favorite part of this video?

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