My Day. My Life. With Emblem3!

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Have you ever wanted to spend a day with Emblem3? Here’s your chance! The former X Factor contestants let our Teen cameras follow them around during one of their Back 2 Cali tour stops, and we got a first hand look at what life is like on the road for them.

The specific tour stop was in Las Vegas, with their day starting off at 7 AM. Then at 9 AM, they had an interview over at FOX, where they gave us a backstage look as they hung out in the green room. At noon, it was time for a soundcheck at the Gibson show room, where they’d be playing later that night. Before their show that night, they also played a quick gig at the Hard Rock where, of course, our cameras captured everything — including the thousands of screaming fans.

To see more of Emblem3’s My Day. My Life. — where they also talk about their music and where they’d like to be in five years — watch the video above!