My Day. My Life. With Alyssa Bernal!

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Get ready to spend a day with Alyssa Bernal! The singer — who has made a huge splash on YouTube with over 600,00 subscribers on her channel — is giving Teen readers an inside look into her busy life!

Alyssa got an early start to her day, waking up at about 7 AM and was prepping for a full day of photo and video shoots. By 9 AM, Alyssa was in hair and make up getting glammed up, and then by noon, she was off to a second location — an adorable house! — to continue the shoot. The rest of the day was pretty music-filled, as she captured a pal playing keyboard, and then did her own rendition of Anna Kendrick‘s popular “Cups” song from Pitch Perfect. (And yes, she actually did it WITH the cups!)

In addition to getting a behind the scenes look into her life, we also spoke with Alyssa about getting her start in music, getting recognized by fans, and much more! To watch the rest of our interview with her — including a stunning cover of Maroon 5‘s “Sunday Morning” — watch the video above!