Note to The Situation: You Just Got Called Out By Awkward Hottie Beau Mirchoff

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The cast of Jersey Shore has had some pretty awkward moments filmed on camera, but they better get ready to move over, because there’s a new crop of peeps on MTV‘s Awkward, and uh, we think they just might be giving The Situation & Co a run for their money. And speaking of money, the show’s hottie Beau Mirchoff told us The Situation owes him a hundred bucks. Um, Mike, get on that!

Also, we got the rest of the cast to spill on their other fave MTV shows (Hint: They begin with “Teen”), if they’re like the show’s embarrassing main character, Jenna, and um, one of them told us he was a “late bloomer” in the puberty department. TMI, dude. TMI.

Watch the vid now!

Awkward premieres tonight at 11pm EST on MTV! Are you gonna tune in? Are you crushin’ on Beau already? And what’s YOUR fave MTV show? Tell us everything in the comments!