EXCLUSIVE: Mr. Student Body President go90 Teaser Trailer Video

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What do you get when you combine some of your favorite YouTubers, Viners and teen actors? One awesome AF series, that’s what!

New Form Digital’s releasing a new series, featuring young talents, such as Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time), Leon Thomas (Victorious) & Raven Bowens, YouTubers, like Arden Rose, Jonah Green, Lohanthany, Meghan Rienks and Grace Helbig, and Viners, including Jason Nash and Gabriel Conte. Trust us, it’s gonna be EPIC.

Here’s the official synopsis: “Running a school isn’t easy. But Berenger High School’s newly elected Student Body President Tyler Prendergast (Jeremy Shada) will do whatever it takes. It won’t be easy, as he faces opposition at every turn, from the new principal, Jan Helfrick, from his peers, and even new technologies. In order to stay in control, Tyler must navigate through countless cliques and social hierarchies. And with modern social media, every misstep could be permanently on display to the world. Each episode features a new problem that Tyler and his administration must tackle, often satirically mirroring real-life political crises. From elections to organized crime to labor disputes, Tyler charms and connives his way through every issue, usually coming out the victor. We’ll learn how he, as a junior, gained his position. And what happens when it all comes tumbling down.”

The 10-episode series debuts on September 22 on go90. Until then, watch the exclusive clip above to get a sneak peek at all of the action!

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