Minecraft Adventures With LDShadowLady: Episode 2!

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Last week on Minecraft Adventures, Lizzie, aka LDShadowLady, gave you a Minecraft tutorial and this week, she’s teaching you how to play the Hunger Games version! That’s right, in addition to regular Minecraft, there’s a version that’s all about Hunger Games, and it’s pretty interesting.

The game is pretty much how you would imagine — tributes are put into an arena and the one goal is to survive! There are different maps you can use, and the opening of the game is just like in the book and movie. You start off at the Cornucopia, and can either gather survival items in boxes, or run off into the distance to get away from the madness.

How does LDShadowLady fair in this particular game of Hunger Games Minecraft? Watch the video to find out her fate!