Minecraft Adventures With LDShadowLady: Episode 6!

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On the last episode of Minecraft Adventures, Lizzie, aka LDShadowLady, showed us the Mo’ Creatures mod, but this week it’s all about the Mo’ Mean Creatures.

That’s right, though last week we saw cute animals like turkeys, rabbits, and many more, this week we’re seeing, well, mean creatures. Which mean creatures are included exactly? Well, Lizzie even had put herself in creative mode so she wouldn’t get ravaged by all the animals because they are that crazy!

First, Lizzie starts off small with some rats, but then a crocodile shows up! There are even some wolves in the mix, but luckily you can tame those with bones. Scorpions also come into play, and some ogres too!

To check out the rest of this particular mod, watch the video above!