Minecraft Adventures With LDShadowLady: Episode 4!

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Time to learn about some new Minecraft mods! Last week on Minecraft Adventures, LDShadowLady taught you all about the My Little Pony mod (or modification if you didn’t know), but this week you’ll get to know more about the Adventure Time mod.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Adventure Time is a show on Cartoon Network that centers on Finn and Jake who are best friends and (sort of) brothers. However, while Finn is a regular 14-year-old boy, Jake is a dog that has magical powers that allow him to grow and shrink as he pleases. They have plenty of friends that are in on their fun adventures, and this version of Minecraft is just another way to enjoy them!

So for this episode of Mineraft Adventures, LDShadowLady shows you how you can play this fun mod! To see more of how YOU can play this Minecraft mod and how it all works, watch the video above!