Minecraft Adventures: Learn About Bat Knight!

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On last week’s Minecraft Adventures, Lizzie, aka, LDShadowLady showed us all about the mini-game Spleefing, and this week, she’s dropping even more Minecraft knowledge. For the latest episode, she’s doing a fun tutorial on Bat Knight.

This game mode is available HERE, but if you want to learn a little more before you get started, let Lizzie break it down for you. Basically, you can play as a number of characters using this, but most of them are villains. The whole point of the game is to collect as many diamonds as you can before the Bat Knight and the Bird Boy kill you. Pretty intense!

For even more on how to master this game from Lizzie, watch the video above, and stay tuned for a brand new episode of Minecraft Adventures next Saturday at 4 PM ET!

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