Flashback Friday: Miley Cyrus’ Twitter-Quitting Rap

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Earlier this week, we discussed stars who at one point or another deleted their Twitter account, and as you probably remember, Miley Cyrus was among those celebs. When we decided to do the story about Twitter-quitting celebs, we started doing a little research (as that's what this kind of stuff requires, for all you budding journalists out there), and thanks to the art of Googling, we fell upon this ancient gem.

Back in October 2009 — at the rumored encouragement of her then-BF Liam Hemsworth — the "Party in the U.S.A." singer decided to get rid of her Twitter account all together. To announce the big news, Miley took to her "MileyMandy" YouTube account to post a rap video about her Twitter-quitting called "Good-bye Twitter." Yes, that's right — a rap video.

One of our favorite parts is when MC mentions reaching 2 million followers, which in retrospect seems pretty funny considering she has almost 15 million now, and Justin Bieber has 45 MILLION (!).  Seemed like a lot back in the day, we're sure. A lot has changed in the four years this video has been posted, but one thing is for sure — people just can't stop talking about her.

Watch the video above to reminisce on this Flashback Friday, and tell us what you think of it in the comments section!

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