Miley Cyrus Covers ‘Les Miserables’ Song “On My Own” (VIDEO)

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You read it right, Miley Cyrus is taking on Broadway! Well, a song from a Broadway show anyway. Though the 20-year-old's better known for her twerk-able music/moves nowadays, she's no stranger to slow, heartfelt tracks.

In the above video, you can hear the "We Can't Stop" singer's stripped-down version of Eponine's solo from Les Miserables, "On My Own." The same one Samantha Barks crooned in the 2012 film; the same one Lea Michele sang on the pilot episode of Glee. We're sure you're familiar with 'em both. (Right??) But what do you think of MiCy's cover? Take a listen, then tell us your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Miley Cyrus message board!

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