Miley Cyrus Goes Back to Brunette

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We're not totally sure…but it looks like Miley Cyrus has gone back to her roots! After rocking a short, platinum blonde 'do for the last year now, it appears as though MC is a brunette once again.

While greeting some fans in Paris, video was taken of Miley (being pretty gracious, BTW), and if we didn't know any better we'd say that her hair looks brown. However, it could just be the lighting and or Miley's hair does look a little wet, so maybe that has something to do with it?

Anyways, we're sure she'll end up Instagramming a pic to confirm or deny some time soon, but we just wanted you guys to stay informed on this potential breaking news! Maybe she dyed her hair so not as many people will recognize her after her VMAs and "Wrecking Ball" debacle. (Yeah, like that will ever happen — but hey, it's a thought)

Do YOU think she went back to brown? Or is it just the lighting? Watch the video to judge for yourself above, then sound off in the comments!

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