Miley Cyrus & Borgore Debut New Track, “Decisions”

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When Miley Cyrus revealed that her new music would be “very adult and sexy and believable,” this is certainly not what we had in mind. First off, it’s not Miley’s voice that blazes through the track, but rather that of Israeli dubstep producer and DJ Borgore. (We know what you’re thinking: Who?) If it wasn’t for this little tweet, we swear we wouldn’t have even known she was on it! Second of all, it’s very… un-Miley. “Everyday’s my birthday ’cause bitches love cake.” Somehow, we don’t think the words ‘adult,’ ‘sexy’ and ‘believable’ will come to mind when listening to these lyrics.

Then again, this isn’t her single, it won’t be on her album, and she could just be helping an up-and-coming act out. Who knows? No one can ever tell what she’s going to do next. (Ahem.) Anyway, listen to “Decisions” above, then tell us whether you love it or loathe it!

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