Meghan Camarena Interviews At Comic-Con 2012 About Breaking Dawn and Justin Bieber

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Not gonna lie — you see some pretty strange things at Comic-Con. And by things we mostly mean people dressed up in ridiculous costumes and such. But as Meghan now knows, too, you also hear bizarre things at the convention. We had Princess Mononoke Meghan hit up the main floor at Comic-Con to ask the burning questions people couldn’t care less about, like how excited they are for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 and if they prefer One Direction or Justin Bieber. And the responses? Um, let’s say the peeps she spoke to were all sorts of confused.

Watch the hilarity ensue above, and be sure to check out our similar video from behind-the-scenes at Fashion Week — watching models duke it out over Team Gale/Team Peeta is actually hilar.

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