Trendin’ on Teen: Meghan’s Big Announcement & VidCon!

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On the latest episode of Trendin’ on Teen, host Brianna Baxter talks about a special announcement from Strawburry17 aka Meghan Camarena, Smosh‘s new magazine and more!

Now that VidCon 2013 is officially upon us, Meghan has some big news to share — she’s relaunching her channel with some really awesome stuff! Every day she’ll have a new video, with some of which being, Modern Day Cosplay, nerdy DIY, Minecraft, cooking, beauty, and more!

In addition to that, our friends over at Smosh have their very own magazine! That’s right, get an inside look at their shoots, and much more. Plus, let’s not forget about our YouTuber poll! Cast your vote here!

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