Win a Skype Session With Megan & Liz! All You Gotta Do is Enter a Video Singing Your Favorite Holiday Song!

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Everyone knows Megan & Liz are the YouTube cover queens, so natch, we needed to get them in our latest contest, aka Teen.com’s official best freebie ever. All you gotta do is film yourself singing your favorite holiday song or one of the songs off Megan & Liz’s new EP A Twinning Christmas before December 21, 2011. Sounds easy, right?

Megan & Liz are going to judge the videos themselves and pick a winner. The winner will not only get announced on Megan & Liz’s Twitter pages, but they’ll also win a web cam and an exclusive Skype sesh with Megan & Liz. Um, major.

So even if you can barely sing just hum, go pick a holiday tune, record your vid ASAP and submit it below! And get creative, people!

P.S. Don’t worry — won’t be putting these videos anywhere on public display, but you should definitely introduce yourself in your vid so Megan & Liz know who you are, mmkay?

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