Megan & Liz Debut ‘In the Shadows Tonight’ Video

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Megan & Liz are slowing things down for their latest single. Earlier this summer the duo dropped the catchy tune "Release You," but now they've dropped the video for the ballad-esque "In the Shadows Tonight."

Featuring the sisters in a trendy loft, Liz is seen sitting on the ground in a gorgeous black gown as she belts out the tune, while her sis Megan is stationed at a vanity. Watch the video for yourself above and see some of the lyrics below!

Yeah there’s mountains in my mind
I keep on trying to move them
And I’m just wasting time
Cuz you can’t move a mountain
And they’ll never move for you
There’s gotta be more than this

It’s like I’m torn ripped down the middle
Maybe I’m crazy not a lot just a little
Just a little bit

Follow the lights that’s how it goes
But what about the shadows?
They hide the secrets that no one knows
I’m feeling scared for what I see
Giving it all trusting me
So ill just breathe
In a world of same
In a world of sunshine
I’ll hide in the shadows tonight

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